The G20 Global Health Summit is an important international gathering that focuses on global health issues and solutions. The event typically recognizes and celebrates various achievements and contributions in the field of global health.

We are delighted to announce the various award categories available at this G20 Global Health Summit - European Union. We appreciate the exceptional contributions and achievements made by individuals and teams in their respective fields. These awards recognize outstanding accomplishments and serve as a testament to the talent, dedication, and innovation exhibited by our participants.

Here are some types of awards that could be relevant to the G20 Global Health Summit in Vienna, Austria:

Global Health Leadership Award: This award recognizes individuals or organizations that have demonstrated exceptional leadership in advancing global health initiatives and improving health outcomes on a global scale.

Innovation in Healthcare Award: This award acknowledges innovative solutions or technologies that have made a significant impact on healthcare delivery, disease prevention, treatment, or public health.

Humanitarian Excellence Award: This award honours individuals or organizations that have shown exceptional dedication and commitment to providing humanitarian aid and healthcare services to populations in need, particularly in challenging environments or during emergencies.

Research and Development Excellence Award: This award recognizes significant contributions to medical research and development, including breakthrough discoveries, new treatments, or advancements in healthcare technology.

Public Health Advocacy Award: This award celebrates individuals or organizations that have demonstrated outstanding efforts in promoting public health awareness, education, and advocacy, leading to positive changes in health policies or behaviours.

Health Equity and Access Award: This award acknowledges initiatives that have made substantial progress in reducing health disparities and improving access to healthcare services, particularly for marginalized populations or underserved communities.

Collaboration and Partnership Award: This award recognizes successful collaborations and partnerships between different stakeholders, such as governments, NGOs, academia, and the private sector, in addressing global health challenges and achieving shared goals.

Student Poster Award: The Student Poster Award acknowledges the exceptional research and presentation skills demonstrated by students. It celebrates the insightful findings and effective communication of their work through visually appealing and informative posters. This award encourages students to showcase their academic prowess and share their research with the broader community.

Student Innovation Award: The Student Innovation Award recognizes the exceptional creativity, originality, and problem-solving abilities of students. This award celebrates the development of groundbreaking ideas, prototypes, or projects that demonstrate innovative thinking and have the potential to make a significant impact in their respective fields.

Best Start-Up Award: The Best Start-Up Award acknowledges the accomplishments and potential of emerging companies or start-ups. It honours the entrepreneurial spirit, strategic vision, and successful execution of innovative ideas in the early stages of a business. This award aims to highlight the promising ventures that have shown remarkable growth and have the potential to disrupt their industries.