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Welcome to G20 Health Summit in India
We are honoured to extend this invitation to you for the G20 Global Health Summit, which will take place in Vizag, India, on November 20-21, 2023. Reputable experts, decision-makers, and influencers from all over the world will gather at this prominent conference to discuss current health issues and assist in deciding the direction of global healthcare.

Theme:Making Affordable and Accessible Health Care

About the Summit: Connect, Converge, and Create. The G20 Global Health Summit is a forum for forging cooperation, knowledge-sharing, and creative responses to urgent health problems affecting communities all over the world. This summit, which is a component of the G20, acts as a catalyst for important discussions, the development of policies, and progress on issues related to global health.

Key Objectives:

Promoting global health security: To successfully avoid and handle upcoming health disasters we want to increase reaction times, pandemic preparedness, and health systems.

Ensuring Universal Health Coverage: Our goal is to provide everyone, regardless of socioeconomic position, location, or demography, with equal access to high-quality healthcare services.

Addressing Global Health Inequalities: We work to close the gap in healthcare outcomes across diverse groups, particularly disadvantaged communities, and to lessen health inequalities.

Fostering Innovation and Research: To improve healthcare delivery and enhance health outcomes, we support the creation of ground-breaking technology, research partnerships, and creative strategies.

Mobilizing Resources : In order to support long-term health finance and boost global health systems, we want to promote partnerships, allocate resources, and improve international collaboration.

Highlights of the Conference:

  • The inspirational Keynote Addresses: Renowned global health experts and politicians will provide motivational keynote addresses to offer their perspectives and vision for promoting global health.
  • Thought-Provoking Panel Discussions: Participate in engaging panel discussions with professionals from a variety of disciplines, covering important subjects including healthcare infrastructure, digital health, immunisation methods, health inequalities, and more.
  • Networking Possibilities During designated networking sessions, connect with other participants, create new relationships, and trade ideas to facilitate successful collaborations.
  • Explore cutting-edge research, creative initiatives, and technical developments through poster presentations and exhibitions.
  • Workshops and Skill-building Sessions: Participate in practical workshops and skill-building sessions given by business professionals to get practical knowledge and improve your capacity to handle challenges with global health.
  • Cultural Exchange and Social Events: Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and hospitality of the host city, with carefully curated social events and cultural experiences.

Who Should Attend: The G20 Global Health Summit welcomes delegates from various backgrounds, including:

  • Global Health Experts and Researchers
  • Representatives from Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Civil Society organization
  • Researchers and Academics
  • Private Sector Representatives
  • Public Health Experts and Researchers
  • Students and Young Professionals passionate about global health

Be a part of a milestone event that will change the direction of global health by joining us at the G20 Global Health Summit. Let's work together to make the world a healthier and more equitable world.

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