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G20 Pharma Summit is going to be held in Mexico with the theme of Affordable and Accessible Medicine, The pharmaceutical sector is undergoing a huge transformation. Historically sluggish to absorb technology, the industry is presently undergoing fast change as a result of the emergence of various technologies. Artificial intelligence (AI), additive manufacturing, blockchain, and other Industry 4.0 technologies are among the key pharma industry trends. More investments, the expansion of technology start-ups, the expiration of numerous key patents, as well as more inter-organizational cooperation and a favorable regulatory environment, are all driving innovation in the pharmaceutical business.

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The COVID-19 epidemic has compelled all businesses to re-evaluate many elements of their operations, including manufacturing and supply networks, and pharmaceutical industries are no exception. The pandemic also emphasizes the necessity of enhancing the speed and precision of developing and mass-producing novel medications, therapeutic strategies, and vaccinations in order to meet such massive and time-sensitive demands. Additionally, entrepreneurs and scale-ups engaged in life sciences research, biotech, and pharma are learning new things about cells and molecules in order to offer the industry and the general public potentially game-changing solutions.

The Pharma Industry Trends & Startups presented in this study merely scratch the surface of the trends discovered throughout our extensive investigation. Low-volume production, nanotechnology, and mRNA vaccination technologies, among others, will alter the industry as we know it. Early identification of new prospects and developing technologies to incorporate into your firm can help you acquire a competitive advantage.

Opportunity for Professional Growth Networking Opportunities, Knowledge Expansion, Platform for Innovation, Continuing Professional Development, Testimonials, and Success Stories.

This is your splendid chance to attain the maximum important assemblage of participants from the pharma community. Make touch with new pharmaceutical research developments and experience the recognition of this 2-day occasion. Updated updates in the pharma enterprise are the hallmarks of this convention.

Why to attend:

  • Having face-to-face interactions with industry experts
  • Connect with top and world-renowned experts at the conference.
  • Encounter new vendors and suppliers.
  • Meet with current and potential scientists.
  • Access new and profound research ideas.
  • Showcase your latest research findings through either the means of an oral or poster presentation.
  • Get inspired towards undertaking professional studies.
  • Publish your research in world-renowned journals.
  • Gain recognition & earn a reputation.
  • B2B meetings with experienced Doctors and Pharma Industrialists.

This Pharma series aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, and scholars to exchange and share their works and research results on all aspects of Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Pharmacogenomics, Drug Delivery, Bio-drugs, Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Curatives, Bio-therapeutics, Radiopharmaceuticals, Vaccine Design, Formulation Technologies, Clinical Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Pharmaceutics.

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