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Welcome to the G20 Global Health Summit - Australia website! Here you will find comprehensive information about the G20 Global Health Summit, its objectives, participants, and key outcomes.

About the G20 Global Health Summit:

The G20 Global Health Summit is an annual gathering of leaders from the Group of Twenty (G20) countries, along with invited guests and international organizations, to address pressing global health challenges. The summit provides a platform for discussions, cooperation, and the formulation of policies to enhance global health security and response mechanisms.


Promoting Global Health Security: The summit aims to strengthen global health security by addressing emerging infectious diseases, pandemics, and other health threats through collaboration and coordination among G20 nations.

Strengthening Health Systems: The summit focuses on building resilient health systems that can effectively respond to crises, ensure access to quality healthcare, and promote universal health coverage, especially in developing countries.

Advancing Research and Development: The G20 Global Health Summit emphasizes the importance of innovation, research, and development to accelerate the discovery of new treatments, vaccines, and technologies to combat existing and future health challenges.

Addressing Health Inequalities: The summit recognizes the need to address health inequalities and disparities across different populations, regions, and socioeconomic backgrounds, with a focus on promoting health equity and inclusivity.

Key Outcomes:

Declaration on Global Health: The summit concludes with the adoption of a declaration that outlines the shared commitments, strategies, and actions agreed upon by the participating nations to address global health challenges and promote health security.

Collaborative Initiatives: The summit serves as a platform for launching collaborative initiatives and partnerships to strengthen global health systems, enhance research and development efforts, and address health inequalities.

Knowledge Exchange: The G20 Global Health Summit facilitates knowledge exchange and sharing of best practices among countries, allowing participants to learn from each other's experiences and innovations in addressing health challenges.

We look forward to your participation in advancing global health security and promoting equitable healthcare for all!

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