About Conference

On behalf of the G20 Summit, we’re delighted to welcome you to the G20 Global Pharma Summit Series-Brazil, which will be held on November 27-28, 2023 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This Hybrid mode allows you to take part as in-person or virtually. Intended for this Hybrid event, the congress will lay emphasis on the theme “The Evolution of Pharma: From Traditional Medicine to Modern Therapeutics”

The Global Pharma Summit is a premier event in Pharmaceuticals, bringing together professionals, researchers, industrialists, academicians, scientists, biopharma R&D thought leaders and experts from around the globe to explore and discuss the latest advancements, trends, and challenges in our industry. We've realized pharma innovation go forward at an amazing rate in the last year to struggle the COVID-19 pandemic. Pharmaceutical industries cautiously pick out their investments in technology improvement as the need for better productivity and efficiency in drug and biomedical R&D strengthened.

This year's conference promises to be an exceptional gathering of thought leaders, offering a dynamic program featuring keynote speeches, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities. We have carefully curated a line-up of renowned speakers who will share their expertise and insights on a range of relevant topics.

Scope and importance:

Pharma conferences play a vital role in the pharmaceutical industry, offering a platform for professionals to gather, exchange knowledge, discuss advancements, and collaborate on innovative solutions. The scope and importance of pharma conferences can be summarized as follows:

  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Professional Development
  • Market Trends and Business Opportunities

Why to attend:

The Pharma Summit is a must-attend event for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider attending:

  • Industry Insights
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Learning and Professional Development
  • Collaboration and Partnerships
  • Access to Industry Experts
  • Inspiration and Motivation

Target Audience:

  • Pharmaceutical Professionals
  • Pharmacists
  • Industrialists
  • Students
  • Young Researchers
  • Clinical scientists
  • Researchers
  • Academics
  • Healthcare Practitioners
  • Regulatory and Compliance Professionals
  • Medical Science Liaisons
  • Drug Safety Experts
  • Consultants
  • Service Provider
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