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About Conference

We extend a warm welcome to all experts and researchers worldwide to join us at the G20 Global Health Summit an international conference scheduled to take place in South Africa from July 11-12, 2024. This summit aims to gather leaders and representatives from the Group of 20 (G20) countries, which encompass some of the world's largest economies, as well as invited host nations and international organizations. Its main objective is to tackle global health challenges and foster cooperation among nations to enhance global health outcomes.

The conference aims to provide a platform for discussions, knowledge sharing and collaboration on a wide range of global health issues. These may include combating infectious diseases, strengthening health care systems, ensuring access to essential medicines and vaccines, addressing mental health issues and promoting universal health insurance. The summit will also highlight the importance of preparedness and response to public health emergencies such as pandemics and natural disasters.

Among the participants of the G20 Global Health Summit will be heads of state, ministers, senior government officials, experts from academia and research institutions, representatives of non-governmental organizations and leaders of international health agencies. The diverse spectrum of participants ensures a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to solving global health problems.

Various sessions, panel discussions and workshops will be held throughout the conference to facilitate in-depth discussions and exchange of ideas. These sessions will address topics such as innovative approaches to health care delivery, research and development of new treatments, health care financing mechanisms, and strengthening health systems in low-income countries. The G20 Global Health Summit provides an opportunity for participating countries to showcase their health achievements and share best practices with others. It also serves as a platform to promote partnerships, collaborations and resource mobilization for global health initiatives. Summit outcomes may include the adoption of joint declarations, agreements and action plans to guide international efforts to address global health challenges.

Major Targets for the G20 Global Health Summit in South Africa:

Strengthening Global Health Systems: Enhancing the capacity and resilience of health systems worldwide to respond effectively to health emergencies and provide quality healthcare services to all.

Ensuring Equitable Access to Vaccines:  Promoting fair and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines, diagnostics, and treatments, especially for low-income countries and marginalized populations.

Advancing Health Innovation and Research: Promoting research and development in health technologies, including vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics, to address current and future global health challenges.

Addressing Health Inequalities: Addressing health disparities and inequalities, including gender, socio-economic, and geographic disparities, to ensure universal health coverage and health equity for all.

Strengthening Health Emergency Response Mechanisms: Improving global mechanisms and frameworks for rapid and coordinated response to health emergencies, including the establishment of a global health emergency fund.

Enhancing Health Data Systems: Strengthening health information systems and data sharing mechanisms to enable evidence-based decision-making, monitoring of health outcomes, and identification of emerging health risks.


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